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A perfect meditation
for you

Meditation is personal, much like music. We make meditations that are just right for you. Want to stay in touch?

Our features.


Fully personalised.

Maybe you’re up for a different type of meditation? Or tired of listening to the same old introduction? Or maybe it’s time for a bit less guidance? Whatever you want, Omm allows to fully customise your experience with 9,000,000+ possible meditations for every language and voice.

Easy choices.

We’ll remember what you like, such as your preferred amount of guidance, your favourite coach, and pace of voice. Even better, if you’re new to meditation, our beginner mode guides and simplifies your choices. When you’re ready, you can open up the vast options available.


Fresh daily content.

Getting tired of the same old body scan? The Discover Daily lets you discover new types of meditations or background soundscapes as well as provide you with  fresh daily reflections. You can also take the Daily Challenges to bring mindfulness into your day.

Set your own goal.

Building a habit is important to see results. Set your own personal weekly goal to track progress, ranging from as little to one meditation a week to a daily habit. You can also save your favourite meditations to make it easy to return to them.



“Love it, it was so easy to do and the meditation was perfect for me."


“I love that it was customised to me and suited my needs.”


"That was wonderful. Thank you. I feel truly relaxed and chilled. I will give myself another treat tomorrow."


“Really good! Perfect level of guidance and very calming”

Why meditate.

Research has shown that meditation can make a significant difference to our mental wellbeing by over time altering the grey matter in our brain. The impact is similar to that of behavioural treatments.

Sleep better

Meditation can help us sleep better both by managing our thoughts during the day and as a gentle journey for relaxing the mind in the evening.

Stress less

During meditation we become more aware of our thoughts and let them rise to the surface. This can act as a pressure valve and can help us manage stressful situations better.

Less anxiety

Meditation helps us be more comfortable with our thoughts and feelings. Over time this can re-wire our brain’s pathways, so that we regulate emotions betters.

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